Average Songs – Toygrace


Average Songs – Toygrace

Toygrace formed in Rome, Italy, in summer 2009, from the encouter of Ema and Laura. The project was born without a pre-arranged intention of following a genre or a trend. Ema just started, at 32, to compose some music that he felt for the first time to be his “real” expression, not caring at all about what would come next, about the category of his music or about what could people find in it. Laura was since the beginning enthusiastic of the project and in a really natural way she became the voice / expressing the feelings / inside the music.

We did choose “Toygrace” because we had become almost obsessioned by the idea of “grace”, something we pursue in music and in life but that we really never felt to have got; “toy” for, hey, let’s take it not too serious, it all is just a game for children. “Average Songs”, the title of our debut, came probably in the same way. Ours is a very personal, emotional work in which we really trust, very “inner” and somehow delicate and fragile. So we should have called it “our selfish, sweet struggle”. No way. We feel so average, so common, and that’s the reality of everyone’s life. So “Average Songs”, You can just tell us if in the end, we were right or we were wrong.


  • Album: Average Songs
  • Autori: Toygrace
  • Genere:  Rock, Pop
  • Mastering: Alessandro Giordani – Synchronia
  • Sito: toygrace